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"A day dreaming...."
{ChenRis} The Aftermath of Duck Blood Soup 
14th-Aug-2012 09:01 pm

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they wrap up the recording for extraordinary class. jongdae is chatting cheerily with zitao and minseok when wu fan comes up behind him and wraps his long arms around jongdae's waist. zitao and minseok shuffle away awkwardly, neither one particularly wanting to see duizhang's propensity to be touchy-feely around their main vocalist.

jongdae clears his throat, hoping that duizhang would get the hint and let go. the taller just pulls him closer into his embrace. jongdae tries to wriggle away, but to no avail. jongdae turns his head, planning on glaring and chastising the elder, but before he can even open his lips to say something, wu fan has already captured his lips with his own. jongdae flushes and tries to pull away, but wu fan just deepens the kiss. as wu fan's tongue slides over his own, jongdae can taste the duck blood soup, and he scrunches his face up in disgust.

when they finally part, jongdae can't help but frown in disgust. "tasted like duck blood soup............"

wu fan chuckles.

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