{ChenRis} The Aftermath of Duck Blood Soup

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they wrap up the recording for extraordinary class. jongdae is chatting cheerily with zitao and minseok when wu fan comes up behind him and wraps his long arms around jongdae's waist. zitao and minseok shuffle away awkwardly, neither one particularly wanting to see duizhang's propensity to be touchy-feely around their main vocalist.

jongdae clears his throat, hoping that duizhang would get the hint and let go. the taller just pulls him closer into his embrace. jongdae tries to wriggle away, but to no avail. jongdae turns his head, planning on glaring and chastising the elder, but before he can even open his lips to say something, wu fan has already captured his lips with his own. jongdae flushes and tries to pull away, but wu fan just deepens the kiss. as wu fan's tongue slides over his own, jongdae can taste the duck blood soup, and he scrunches his face up in disgust.

when they finally part, jongdae can't help but frown in disgust. "tasted like duck blood soup............"

wu fan chuckles.



Man, this semester is really crazy. I thought last semester was bad... but it does not even compare *swtdrop*.

Juui Dolittle

Wow..... so Japan's now remaking "Dr. Dolittle" into a dorama..... oh Japan.

HOWEVER. Shun and Nari are the main actors. YEAH. *is such a dork for wanting to watch that*


So college has been pretty ridiculous of late. It seems like all of my classes had exams/papers this week and all of my clubs have events this weekend. :/

Also, despite me being out of the fandom for a while (due to school mainly).. I really really want to go see DL7. I'm still sore that i didn't get to go to see Tenimyu that one time I was actually in Japan at the right time (I think it was Hyotei Summer?.. so I guess it wasn't one of the ones I Super-really wanted to go to.. but I would have still liked to see tenimyu in person, no matter which one).

However, DL7? Original cast live? If only I had enough money to fly to Japan for a day, see DL7 and buy all the photosets and the likes, and then come back. It would have maybe been possible if DL7 were during the actual summer.. I just don't see any possibility in me actually being able to go (unless I win the lottery, and even then).

*sigh* Aoyama, Naoyan, and MoriEiji :<.


So 棒棒堂二軍 (公主幫+宅男塾) came out with 2 EPs in the middle of July. I had always been planning to support them and buy the EPs, but I didn't actually start "liking" them until I heard 冒險世界 as performed by both groups. I was in Japan at the time, but I watched the MVs on YT & I got my mom to buy their CDs while she was in TW.

I really became a fan of 宅男塾 [Boys in House//Elite of Otaku]] since their style is more "Cool", their version of 冒險世界 was more to my liking (techno), and the members slowly captured my heart :D [the last part came after I started watching more 模范棒棒堂 after I got back home]. Originally, when I found out about 二軍.. around the time they went from 14棒 to 10棒, I liked 公主幫 [[Knights of Princess]] more.. they were cuter at first and whatnot.. But as I said, after learning more about the groups and watching more 模范棒棒堂, I realized that 宅男塾 was cooler imho.

My order of liking the guys:
宅男塾 -
1. 小祿 (His singing really captured my heart)
2. 李銓 (KUSO王.. Really makes the show that much funnier XD)
3. 牙膏 (I originally thought TP was the ugliest guy ever and hated his guts, but after watching him work really hard for 二軍 and such, I changed my mind)
4. TERRY (He's pretty cool.. just not my type really)
5. 鮪魚 (I liked him more before, but after watching the latest episodes, I found that he was really not very cool)

1. 野戰 (He sings too well!)
2. 翰獎 (Too under-appreciated, even though he's a little hard to get along with.. he's got a lot of talent)
3. 毛弟 (He's way too popular.. and I think 王子 is about 10x cooler than him.. but he's still kind of cute & is a good actor)
4. 阿本 (He was the first 棒棒堂男孩 I ever saw. My cousin really liked him, and I also thought he was pretty cute.. but he's a little too full of himself)
5. 小馬 (I feel like he tries to act cool a little too much.. I know he has been trying very hard lately, but yeah..)

I tried to rank them out of 10, but I can't do it.. I don't think any of them deserves to be left behind.. and in an ideal world, they would just make 2 groups as is now... but that's not what happens.. ;-;.

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Animate and Jump Shop

^=^. I'm going to the ''bigger'' Animate and the Jump Store in Osaka tomorrow :3. *excited*!!

I'm gonna run out of money soon though XD.

My host family keeps on trying to tell me to be careful of chikan and of getting pickpocketed...XD.

..but Rookies is on right now, so I'm gonna go watch that now XD
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